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Privacy Policy

Virtual 3ds collects some personal information from our customers for the purpose of providing you with our online system services, contact you, and assure you better customer support and handling.

How do we use and store your Information?

  • We use secure servers (ssl encrypted forms) to store your information. This information may include your name, birthdate, Country of residence, and Business name.
  • We do not sell, share or redistribute your personal information to third parties or nonaffiliate companies. Transcations and payments will require that you register to Order Processors Websites established such as Square.

Internet Advertising

  • The content on Virtual 3ds depends for the most part on advertising to maintain itself. Some of our ads are displayed based on the page visited, but many of our ads are targeted to you based on your interests and other information we have about you.

  Policy in effect Since: January 5th, 2013.

  Questions and Suggestions

  Contact us for more information at:


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